National Family Week would not be possible without the support received from the huge range of government and not-for-profit organisations including charities, schools, community organisations and faith groups. The national initiative has also received the support of an ever-increasing number of celebrities.

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'' I am delighted to welcome National Family Week. It's full of practical ideas, and it will be great to see organisations from all sections of society join together to celebrate family life. There is nothing more important to families than the strength of their relationships, and the focus in National Family Week on allowing families to spend quality time together reflects that fact. The Week is a great idea, and I look forward to its success. ''
David Cameron, Prime Minister
'' I value my family because they keep me grounded. When I’m with them, I drop my shoulders, can relax and just be the farmer’s wife!  ''
Julie Walters, Actress
'' “National Family Week is a great initiative. Life is better in communities and families where relationships are strong. Together we achieve more than we achieve alone and I welcome this week wholeheartedly as a chance to encourage families to spend more time together and celebrate positive family life. I wish all the organisations involved every success.” ''
Ed Miliband MP, Leader of the Labour Party
'' I really hope that National Family Week encourages people to take a moment to realize the importance of the people they have around them. ''
Amanda Holden, Britain's Got Talent Judge
'' I value my family because they are my inspiration and protection and the basis for my life. ''
Lynda Bellingham, Actress
'' This is a fantastic initiative that encourages families to spend more time together. Fun, quality time is so important for family life and it's great to see a whole week dedicated to celebrating this. Families come in all shapes and sizes, and they are incredibly important, providing a loving and nurturing home for children to grow up in. ''
Nick Clegg, Deputy Prime Minster
'' I am delighted that Scotland is taking part in National Family Week. Families should be recognised for the role they play in today's society. This week will focus on all aspects of family life and should encourage us all to provide a stimulating and supportive home environment for all our children. ''
Alex Salmond MSP, First Minister of Scotland
'' Highlighting the significance of family life and encouraging people to spend quality time with their loved ones is very important. I am committed to supporting parents in London and making sure young people have better opportunities. I hope National Family Week is a great success. ''
Boris Johnson, Mayor of London
'' As proud parents to four wonderful children, we know how important family is in all its forms. With busy schedules, it can be difficult to find enough quality time to spend together, but it is this time that is the most precious and rewarding to us. We feel lucky to have met so many extraordinary people through our work and have learned that every family is unique and inspirational in its own way. We look forward to National Family Week and joining families of all shapes and sizes in celebrating the treasured institution that is The Family. ''
Richard Madeley and Judy Finnigan
'' My Family are the most important thing to me. I am so lucky to have such a marvellous wife, children and grandchildren. Although I have always worked a lot, the only thing that has got me through long days in the studio is the thought of getting home to my wife and children for a family dinner. I think National Family Week is a great initiative that will encourage families to come together and realise how important every part of the family is. ''
Sir Terry Wogan, Radio and Television Broadcaster
'' National Family Week acknowledges and celebrates the importance of our own families and others. The healthy love and support it holds, the stability it provides, and the framework shown, will shape our society today and in the future. I am honored to be apart of this conscious week that will bring awareness to parents across the UK, making us all much closer. ''
Jo Frost, Family and Childcare Expert
'' For me it's all about the Family and the good times we have together. My kids and husband make my world go round and I'm at my happiest when we are in each other's company - laughing, arguing, chilling out together. We are so lucky to have each other and I'm more than happy to back National Family Week. ''
Jo Whiley, Radio DJ and Television Presenter
'' Without the support and encouragement of my family, I may not be where I am today. My parents and sisters have always been there for me to take me to early morning training, come to my competitions, help me stay positive and give me the love and strength I needed to take me to the Olympics. Family is so important and National Family Week is a great reminder to all of us that we should be thankful for our relationships and always put aside special time to spend together. ''
Rebecca Adlington, Double Olympic Swimming Champion
'' I am delighted to support National Family Week which celebrates family life and serves as a timely reminder that families are the cornerstone of society and should be a top priority for all of us. For more than twenty years I have heard the children who ring ChildLine tell us that family life is crucial to their happiness, and their greatest sorrow is when those relationships which mean so much to them are broken or disrupted. By working with 4Children on the new Family Commission, I want to help ensure that families of all backgrounds and sizes get the help they need and are able to make positive choices about the future. ''
Esther Rantzen, CBE, Broadcaster, Campaigner and Chair of The Family Commission
'' Issues on family crop up time and time again on The Wright Stuff and it has made me realise how essential it is to nurture children and give them the necessary support. National Family Week is an exciting celebration that will hopefully create a more positive social landscape for years to come. ''
Matthew Wright, Radio and Television Presenter
'' I value my family because whichever way you look, up a generation, down to your little ones or sideways to siblings, really they're all that matters...and the wife, of course! ''
Allegra McEvedy, Celebrity Chef
'' Encouraging families to get active is a subject very close to my heart, so I am thrilled and delighted to be able to show my support for National Family Week and if by showing my support this encourages other families to consider their lives, then even better! The family is so important to the development of our social culture. Growing up, if I hadn't received the love and support from my family who knows if I would have achieved what I did. Now, being a mum to three boys I want to give them the same. ''
Sally Gunnell OBE, Olympic Gold Medalist
'' Families form the basis of a strong society. Families are places of love, of fun, of learning, of togetherness... I am so pleased to endorse National Family Week and will do all I can to promote and celebrate the rich diversity of family life the UK. ''
Professor Tanya Byron, Clinical Psychologist, Broadcaster and Author