The Children's Safety Education Foundation

The Children's Safety Education Foundation

'' We cannot underestimate the importance of families in imparting and reinforcing crucial safety advice to children. With the prospect for PSHE being made a statutory subject in our schools from 2011, preventative child safety education is central to securing the well being of children and young people. CSEF is delighted to be actively involved in an initiative that celebrates so many aspects of family life. ''
John McNamee, Chief Executive

Charity Overview

The Children’s Safety Education Foundation (CSEF) is a national charity with a track record of delivering safety educational programmes to children across the UK covering issues such as bullying, drug and alcohol abuse, using the internet, fire and home safety.

The charity’s purpose is to reduce the number of child victims through the provision of interactive safety education. This includes digital and traditional resources, online services, events and workshops. CSEF’s ultimate goal is to ensure that preventative safety education is delivered to every child in the UK.

Each week there are hundreds of tragedies with children or instances of unintentional injury, some of which could have potentially been prevented. By giving every child access to safety education, they can make informed choices when faced with danger.

CSEF works in collaboration with the emergency services, local education authorities, teachers, parents and carers to ensure that resources, knowledge and expertise are used in a way that it maximises the impact of accident prevention work and deliver positive results.

The charity produces teaching resources that communicate serious messages in a child friendly, fun and interactive way, and are continually assessed by CSEF members and the emergency services to reflect current dangers to children as well as linking with the national curriculum.